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e-try.com is a privately held company, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Formed in 1997 to develop and market web-enabled software for simulation, the Company has built a substantial technology base. In late 1998, e-try.com reorganized to focus on interactive marketing of equipment and services over the Internet.

The Company develops interactive simulations of products that allow its clients’ customers to try before they buy. These "product experiences" reside on the Internet at the Company’s Web site, www.e-try.com, and are linked from the clients’ Web sites. A built-in electronic "guide" plays the role of salesperson to assist the user as necessary while they try the product. The Company’s technology allows it to build interactive product experiences that are quickly developed, easy to use, and fast to download over the Internet.

Offering both hands-on experience and a virtual company representative, the e-try.com Web site serves as a 24/7 worldwide tradeshow for its clients’ products. e-try technology satisfies the rapidly growing and universally recognized need to make Internet marketing more interactive.

e-try.com is a member of the Arizona Technology Incubator, a public-private partnership that mentors promising young technology companies.


Rich Madarasz, CEO, has over 17 years experience in managing software product development efforts. At Motorola from 1992 to 1997, he directed several projects with substantial budget and staff commitments. From 1988 through 1991, Dr. Madarasz managed the Automation and Systems Integration Group at Allied Signal Aerospace Company. His group developed numerous factory network applications that substantially increased productivity of the aircraft engine production plant. Dr. Madarasz brings to e-try.com proven experience in managing product development from concept through customer support.

Kathy Mutch, Chief Technical Officer, has 17 years experience in leading and managing software development projects. At Motorola, Dr. Mutch led several projects all with the common theme of making underlying complex technology easy for non-technical people to use. At McDonnell Douglas Helicopter, she managed the Artificial Intelligence group and led the successful AI effort to develop expert systems to aid pilots in mission critical tasks. Dr. Mutch is recognized, through numerous publications, for her expertise in applying innovative concepts to real-world problems.

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